Orroland Holiday Cottages
William Kennedy designs and landscapes the magnificent grounds at Orroland
Wild Garlic covers the floor in April - May
April daffodils surround the landscape around the wildflower meadow
Rhododendrons are in full bloom for May - August
Orroland's bluebell woods in May
Wildflower meadow stirring in spring; hints of yellow flowers.
Hawthorn blooms behind the unicorn early summer
Rhododendrons are in full bloom June - August
Orroland views in June
The Wildflower meadow in early June
Summer wildflower meadow June - August
August makes the best of the palm tree and fern garden at the shore
Autumnal scenes at Orroland from October
Orroland is home to a healthy population of roe deer
Squirrels are easier to spot as they stock food in autumn
Swans over-wintering at Orroland
The shore can be fun and wild in winter
Sunrise in November
Occasional snow in winter at Orroland
Orroland's waterfall most busy in winter and early spring
Signs of new life around the grounds at Orroland

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Orroland's changing landscape month by month

Here you will find a summary and a few pictures of the seasonal delights in store each month around Orroland estate.

From April, a time for planting with daffodils in profusion, snowdrops giving way to wild garlic and bluebells with the first rhododendrons through to May when everything starts to burst into life. Rhododendrons, azaleas, hawthorn and the trees blooming with their tender new growth. June - August make the best of the wildflower meadow in all it's glory and September - November see the bright colours turn warm golden, reds and browns.  As winter silences the gardens, wildlife are easier to spot and on frosty misty mornings the magic of Orroland brings a new feeling, of expentancy and wonder. As the sunsets become earlier and daylight extends, the excitement for Spring stirs and the cycle of growth begins again.