Orroland Holiday Cottages
Orroland is home to a healthy population of roe deer
Pheasants are a common sight around Orroland estate
Baby frogs mid summer around the loch
Stunning butterflies caught on camera
A seal spotted just off the shore
This stoat was spotted in the woodshed, to the delight of the family staying!
Swans over-wintering at Orroland
Star fish
Oyster catchers live down at Orroland shore
Oyster catcher eggs...can you spot them?
Catching crabs in the rocks at low tide
Lizard sunning itself near the beach hut
Star fish at low tide

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Wildlife in abundance at Orroland

Red squirrel at Orroland Lodge

When we bought Orroland over forty years ago we began creating a wildlife habitat. This process still continues for it is impossible to encourage and retain a large and varied population of birds, animals and even plants without giving them somewhere suitable to live and breed.

Roe deer in the woodland at Orroland

Keen bird watchers will find a large variety with over fifty species identified without trying very hard - sparrow hawks, oyster catchers, several members of both the tit and finch families, both green and great spotted woodpeckers to name a few.

We are particularly proud that red squirrels have at long last established themselves here at Orroland. They are a regular sight in the woodland below Abbotsway Cottage and at the squirrel feeder outside the dining room at Orroland Lodge. Top tip: leave a camera on the dining room table and creep in first thing in the morning, there's nearly always a wildlife treat in store.

Walk down through the woods to the shore, the underfloor in May is densely covered with wild garlic with its distinctive smell and white flower. From July this turns into a mass of sixteen identified varieties of fern growing in profusion.

You may well see an otter hunting food among the rocks or several times a year a school of porpoises just off shore.

Woodpecker spotted by a guest at Orroland Lodge

On your way back up a keen observer may notice signs of badger radiating out from an enormous sett just above you on the left. Roe deer can often be seen, particularly in the early morning and we also encourage a healthy population of hares around the farm.

Other wildlife regularly spotted at Orroland includes barn and tawny owls, buzzards, stoats, weasels, rabbits, lizards, star fish and seals ...

The lochan is a breeding ground to hundreds of frogs, resulting in thousands of tadpoles which in turn become tiny frogs which when migrating almost smother the grass there are so many. Of course this attracts the wily and patient heron.

Guests comments on wildlife watching at Orroland

''Our second visit to this lovely house (Orroland Lodge). Our Children loved the pool table and darts. Really enjoyed exploring more this time - fabulous to see the ospreys and red kites and a great surprise to see the resident red squirrel so often. Hope to return again.'' 

Pheasant meets unicorn outside Cutlar's Lodge

''...Evenings are so peaceful, just the birds to listen to, they have kept us busy topping up the feeder at the back door!..'' 

''...lovely walks through the grounds down to the shore, deer grazing in the woodland opposite - look out for them first thing in the morning.'' Marshall family.

''...Highlight amongst all the wonderful wildlife was watching a porpoise feeding about 150 yards off shore, straight out from the beach hut...''

''...The children liked most the pond, full of interesting creatures - especially a carpet of hopping frogs!...''

''Variety of bird-life, wild animals and vegetation, a paradise for nature lovers. It is a quiet, peaceful area - just what people sometimes need in this frequently noisy world.  Keep an eye out for rabbits visiting the garden and a hare going down the road every so often...''


Oyster catchers live on the shore
A porpoise spotted from Orroland
A seal peeping up just off Orroland bay



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