Orroland Holiday Cottages

What you can expect from our 4 star self-catering accommodation ...

STB 4 stars

4 stars means 'excellent'

Our VisitScotland Quality Assurance grading for each of our properties at Orroland is 4 stars, which is defined as 'excellent'. This provides you with an assurance that you will find an excellent standard in the accommodation at Orroland.

VisitScotland is widely recognised around the world; it is the official national tourist board and a trusted brand in promoting services and accommodation throughout Scotland.  The assessment criteria for self-catering accommodation ensures defined standards and we are really proud of the 4 stars awarded to our properties.  Quality Advisors consider two main factors when making an assessment – quality and condition.

Grading criteria

These aspects of the accommodation are graded:

Decoration | Flooring | Furniture, furnishings, fixtures and fittings | Heating, lighting and ventilation | Space, comfort and ease of use

In these areas of the property:

Exterior | Management efficiency | Public areas | Bedrooms | Bathrooms | Kitchen | Cleanliness

If you wish to find out full details, the self-catering criteria is online. It's an extensive grading system with assessment for nearly thirty categories for each property.


With cleanliness of paramount importance,  we ensure a particularly high standard of cleaning throughout. We employ a team of cleaners and our ethos is to make each property ‘as new’ for every booking. Each property achieved an excellent standard in this category for the assessment.

Management efficiency

This relates to how well we inform guests about what we offer; from the website and booking process onwards. We bullet point and go into detail about all aspects of the property on our website so that you know exactly what the accommodation offers before you commit to booking.  In the property we provide guest information in the form of an A-Z of Orroland which details services, opportunities, policies and practicalities of staying at Orroland. In the property there are many leaflets, brochures and books detailing things to see and do in Dumfries and Galloway. We also provide Ordnance Survey maps of the local area. We have a reliable team maintaining and improving the grounds on a daily basis and a housekeeper on site, available to answer any questions you may have during your stay. We visit you shortly after your arrival, once you've settled in and had time to enjoy a piece of home-made welcome cake. Orroland's management efficiency grading is of an exceptional (5 Star) standard.

We value the positive feedback and comments we get which equates to a high number of repeat bookings year after year. Our grading report is above average for the 4 star standard and in many aspects we meet with 5 star expectations.

The ASSC  (Association of Scotland's Self-Caterers)

ASSC Commitment to Quality Scheme

In addition to VisitScotland's Quality Assurance Scheme,  Orroland Holiday Cottages is a member of the ASSC (Association of Scotland's Self-Caterers). The ASSC is committed to the principles of quality and to promoting high and consistent standards in self-catering accommodation throughout Scotland. It is managed and inspired by the people who own and run holiday homes in Scotland. Robert Kennedy of Orroland is on the Board of the ASSC, committed to quality and maintaining the principles of “comfort, cleanliness, courtesy and efficiency”. The ASSC Self-Catering Charter may be of interest if you wish to find out more. It outlines the ways in which Orroland strives to achieve excellence and stand out from other properties to ensure you have an exceptional holiday experience.


We hope our commitment to quality gives you the confidence to book your holiday at Orroland. You can also view the holiday experiences of previous guests collected through the verified review service, UpFront Reviews.